Pack and label your shipments properly

Using packaging that is appropriate for the type of goods transported ensures safe deliveries.
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use quality boxesuse quality boxes

To protect your shipments, choose quality, moisture-resistant boxes made of double-walled cardboard. The protection of corners, surfaces and edges is particularly important. The heavier the contents, the more stable the outer packaging must be.

padd the boxespadd the boxes

Fill the empty spaces inside the box with padding to prevent the goods from moving. No direct contact should be possible between the goods and the outer packaging.

use sealed adhesive tapeuse sealed adhesive tape

Wrap the package with adhesive tape and seal it tightly on all sides. A strong hold is essential for safe transport. 

apply the labelapply the label

Apply the label to the longest side of the package. If you recycle a package, remove the old stickers or labels. We recommend that you do not group your goods together, but label each individual parcel.

application of the label on the parcelapplication of the label on the parcel
it is important to package correctlyit is important to package correctly

Remember that the parcel label is the parcel's identity card.
It is always necessary to indicate the correct and complete address of the recipient on all boxes to be sent.